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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Irish Stew... kinda

I'm sure I've posted this one already...

I bought some lovely belly pork strips (about 3cm thick) from the farmer's market a few weeks ago and decided to go down the Irish Stew route after seeing it being done on TV. It brough back memories of my Nan's place in Ireland :-)

I created a stock using onions, celery, leek, carrot, pork and lemon thyme (and seasoning). After an hour of that I took out most of the large pieces of veg and put in fresh pieces (the old ones have given all they had to the stock), along with potatoes. I removed the pork and cut it into chunks and replaced it into the pot.

One the potatoes were cooked I served it into a deep bowl, added fresh parsley, and mushed up the potatoes a little to thicken the stew.

I was happy, the Irish Stew police may not be :-)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Fish and Chi.. er sun-dried tomato bread

I got a nice bit of plaice the other day, and a loaf of sun-dried tomato bread. my enormous brain must have been working overtime to come up with this recipe.

Plaice (filleted and trimmed) with salt/pepper, butter, touch of parsley, lemon juice and a hint of garlic. Stick it under the grill.

Bread, sliced, toasted and rubbed with garlic and drizzled in EV olive oil.

Chestnut mushrooms, sliced and fried in olive oil, later added spring onions (US: scallions?) and a more garlic. Hmm that'll help keep the girls away! Pan fried.

Ok, time to "plate the dish" *cringe*: bread, mushrooms/onions, fish.

Went down well :-)