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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Been a while since my last post, lost of office parties and general merriment has been going on :-)

Anyway... last year I roasted a duck, this year I'm sitting back and watching (and maybe snapping pics!).

I'm off to Ireland to be with the family (90% Irish decent ;-)). I haven't asked but we're probably having Turkey, we've had goose and similar in the past. Our family lives in a tiny village in Co. Laois, right next to the farms of their friends, we've got some nice treats straight from the farms in the past :-D

So, baring a miracle this'll be my last post this side of the New Year, so have a happy Christmas to all who celebrate it, and a Happy New Year to everyone who's looked at a Gregorian calender this year!

PS this is what I want for Xmas

Monday, December 11, 2006

Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

What else to do with corn on the cob and organic chicken thighs...?

I browned 4 chicken thighs (with skins still on) in a little butter and olive oil, then added a couple of cloves of garlic and half an onion (halved with the skin still on). Lots of salt and pepper, then a litre of chicken stock is pored in... I also added a couple of dried birds-eye chillies for fun.

Once the stock was in I added the two ears of corn, halved, and let them boil in the soup. Once tender (about 8 mins) I withdrew them, ran them under cold water and "de-kerneled" them by slicing lengthways in about 4-5 strokes. I then took the chicken out and de-skinned and de-boned it, and shredded it. Whilst corn and chicken-less I cooked the rice noodles in the soup.

I strained the soup to extract the noodles and onion chunks (and removed the skins at this point [they add colour to the soup]). I put the noodles in a bowl and replaced the soup, chicken and corn into the pan to warm through again. Then served. Then said "yummy!".

Sunday, December 03, 2006

All Day English Breakfast Lasagne

Catchy title hey?

I promised Ivonne, of the Cream Puff variety, that I would make this dish one day. She might have dared me... who can remember?

I used chipolatas, Danish bacon, black pudding, boiled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes (well the sauce had them :-)) No beans though, I hope I don't loose any points. I precooked all the good stuff first, and most of it made it into the lasagne... I gave in to temptation... sue me :-P

Now I've never used this dish before for a lasagne, and since I don't measure anything it was all going to be fun getting it all in there.

As it turned out, the crispy bits were the best!

Mozzarella (left over from lunch) and parmegianno to top it off. It tasted goooooooooood, how else does lasagne taste?