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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chicken... thing

Bear in mind that what you see in these photos is a dish after I'd already partly tucked into. I was hungry I only remebered after a while :-)

Organic chicken legs dipped in a mixture of flour, paprika, cumin and cayenne (S&P too). I would have put in other spices, dried chilli for example, but I was between TV shows so I was rushing (hence the ripped parsley for the potatoes :-)). I dusted it off and roasted it for 40 mins.

The ickle potatoes I simply boiled in salted water and smothered them (after crushing) in butter and parsley.


Catesa said...

crispy skin chicken mmmm

Nazca said...

Finger chicken lickin' good :-D

Mae said...

Looks incredibly tasty chicken! I love the sound of spices you've put in. Btw, are those Jersey new potatoes? Looks perfectly done to me :)

I too love crispy chicken skin.

Nazca said...

Sorry Mrs Jersey, I don't think they are, they weren't sold as Jersey's anyway. They usually make that point stand out. They were yummy none the less :-)

Mona said...

look at you big naz!! i love all the new pictures. what's up ansel adams of food blogging. i know, i'm a kid, i'm drawn to the pictures. but everyone else out there who says they're not is a liar.
so...what tv shows were you watching!? come on, now! you gotta tell us.
i love how you just throw stuff together and it always sounds so professional. you use spices i forget exist. you've got the knack baby!!

Nazca said...

you´re making me blush :-) I imagine it was a dvd of the x-files or something and the football. I can´t remember now... I´ve just spent the last week being driven through England, France and Spain. I´m currently in Madrid... I´ll post soon with my thoughts.

I forget these spices exist, then find nothing else but them in my cupboard and deide to use them in inventive ways. I have a good memory... I don´t remember specific recipies but I do record the ideas I think and use them. It´s a gift ;-) Hasta luego!