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Sunday, February 04, 2007

That Iberian Feel

I've been very lazy lately, just simply not being creative. Eating easy stuff: crackers and cheese., pate on toast you get the idea.

In the shop the other day I came across lots of interesting ingredients to inspire me. Just normal stuff, but things I'd run out off. I decided to make my store cupboard full again.

Then use it all up :-)

My parents make paella quite often; living in the home of paella (Valencia, Spain) it'd be rude not too. I think traditionally you're supposed to use rabbit or goat, if you're near the sea you get served sea food.

I bought organic chicken (on the same day I read the UK had Bird Flu!) and since I bought smoked paprika and saffron also, I though this would be a good combination.

So, quickly put...

Fry onions. Fry chicken pieces. Stir in carrots, garlic, paella rice and smoked paprika. After a couple of mins add chicken stock (or water I guess). Here I added a little saffron. I then left it for 20 minutes. You could stir it, but I wouldn't too much. If you have a paella (the name of the actual dish/pan) then that's great. i just used a saucepan, a deep frying pan would be good too. The best bit of a paella is the crispy bottom, mine was more risotto like though...

This a kind of piri piri pork dish. With steamed veg, asparagus, baby corn and baby carrots.

The organic pork loin was marinaded in a mixture of smoked paprika, garlic, olive oil and dried chilli. After an hour is was shoved under the grill for about 15 minutes. I took the left over juices from the port and added a little white wine and cooked it off. Then added a little butter... now it's a jus :-)


Cat B said...

very artistic splotches :)

Nazca said...


Mona said...

your family lives in spain? is that where you're from? wow. looks amazing. how do you just whip up paella??! i just read the part in your bio that says "little imagination, little funds." the latter may be correct but not the former, naz. hope you're doing well! and when's that visit scheduled to ny?

Cat B said...

i also wanted to say, love the way the light plays across your pork X-D

yes, when will you go to NY?? You need to report back all the fabulous restaurants Mona will show you :D

Nazca said...

Si senora. Mis padres live in Valencia (well just north of). I've had paella at there's. Can't remember actually having outside of "home" though. Had it tons in France though... oops :-D

Cat. Just because I leave questionably dirty messages on your site doesn't mean you can lower the tone on mine! :-P

If anyone wants to buy me a ticket to NY... or put my up... ey, Mona? hey? ;-)