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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chicken Wrap

So as I was wandering through Manchester yesterday I came across the deli counters in the Arndale... purely accidental of course...

Then seconds later I was in the possession of Peccorino Romana and Prosciutto di Parma. Weird!

Luckily I had some organic chicken breasts at home. I was toying with the idea of stuffing the breasts into a foil bag with some herbs and white wine, but when I looked at the breasts they were practically crying out to be stuffed; they had arrived almost butterfly'd, all i had to do was lay the stuffing down and just fold over the rest of the breast. It was a sign.

So after a few slices of the Peccorino, some cracked black pepper (the cheese was salty enough) and some parsley-butter they were ready to wrap. I laid the breast on the end of a diagonally laid slice of ham, picked it all up and rolled away from me, tightly. I rubbed a little olive oil onto the top and banged it in the oven.

I prepared two breasts. I was ravenous/gluttonous. To go with it I boiled some purple sprouting broccoli. Once cooked I poured a little of the purple water into a saucepan with the juices from the chicken, freshly chopped parsley and some white wine. Simple sauce followed.


Ivonne said...

Isn't it funny how Pecorino Romano and Prosciutto di Parma just happen to pop into your shopping cart all on their own?!

Clearly you had no choice but to bring them home and devour them. Love the chicken breasts!

Nazca said...

One minute I was on my way to the pub, next thing I know I found myself on the way to the pub with a bag full of Italian goodness!

Cat B said...

they look really delicious too! especially the bright green of the broccoli and i dont even like cooked broccoli :) well done any more of those tasties up your sleeve?