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Monday, May 28, 2007

Ganache bites

So what to do when you buy 100% cocoa solids chocolate? It's a bit bitter to eat on its own, so I went back to my favourite gooey recipe and tried that.

I emptied the chunks of choc (about 73g after I snacked on a few pieces to see what it was like - It made my pint of bitter taste sweet!) into a ban-marie with a little double cream (equal measures -ish). The simmering water melts the chocolate at a slow pace, so it doesn't split. At least in theory, the 100% stuff isn't half delicate! You're not to work it too much otherwise it can get quite bitty, but I did stir it to get the cocoa butter back in the with solids.

I added a fair bit of sugar too to sweeten it a little, and added a little drab of whisky. A 10 year old Talisker to be exact, one of the finest whiskies.

I put the concoction on a silicon mat and left it in the fridge to firm up. About 10 mins later I came back with a spoon, scooped up a little and rolled it in cocoa. Back in the fridge (minus one).

Lovely and firm at first, then they just melt on the tongue... mmmmm


Cat B said...

cooome too meeeee

Nazca said...

They would but they're safely in my tummy now *blushes*

Kelly-Jane said...

They look good, like something I've seen Nigel Slater make.

I cook with my hubby's malt whiskies, but only a few spoons at a time :) I don't drink it so it's my share I say. I somehow don't think he approves hee!

Nazca said...

I think I have his book/seen that very show. I didn't consult it before making them, maybe I should have - I wouldn't have just showered them in cocoa for a start!!!

PS That's grounds for divorce ;-)