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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A good day

I've been putting a lot more focus on riding and running as of late. After going for a bit of a loosener yesterday (40km?), I went for a nice 50k ride along a canal today to a place called Dunham Massey Hall:
All that riding left me a little peckish so I made this:

Hand made dough topped with hand made ragu, tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, mozzerella and cheddar... and fresh basil.

Not bad for one of the hottest days this year... it's a few hours later and I'm still burning up!


creampuff said...

Okay. Fine. So you're a hot athlete and you make delicious pizza. What do you want now? A medal???!!!!!

(can i have some pizza?)

Cat said...

mmm pizza

Mona said...

yum naz! i'm doing a triathlon next week. i had no idea you were such the biker/runner!! that's awesome. keep it up.