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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bangers and mash

Can't beat the classics!

I used one venison and red wine sausage (farmers' market) and two Toulouse sausages from the supermarket. Fried them up nice and hot to begin with, then added onions to the frying pan and turned the heat down. Once the sausages had cooked I removed them from the pan, added chopped garlic and cooked the onions off until caramelised. Then in went some Wolf Blass red wine and a little beef stock. Onion gravy, that easy :-)

At the same time I boiled up some potatoes (removing half when par boiled for tomorrow's excursions), the rest I cooked until my fork would pierce them quite easily. I drained them, and into the same saucepan went butter and milk to warm up. Once they were warmed I put more garlic in and fresh parsley. Stirred it all up, let the garlic poach a little and then added the potatoes back into the pan for mashing.

Bit of seasoning and there you have it.


Catesa said...

comfort food at its best :D

Mona said...

nice!! girl you gotta send me some pictures of your creations;)

Catesa said...

YEAH GIRL!!! hehe

Catesa said...

sorry Naz, couldnt resist *snicker* how're those frilly knickers working out for you? Hope they arent riding up too much... or do you actually prefer thong type?

Nazca said...

Mona, as much as i like my thongs... I am a guy, as Catesa's comments will tesyify. I just like my food, i'm 100% straight (even gay will confirm ;-))

Mona said...

THAT IS THE FUNNIEST @#$%^&*%$ EVER!!!!!!!!! HAAAAA! I'M SO EMBARRASSED. I guess I was under the stupid assumption name ending in A thing. oh god dig me a hole deep deep deep :)