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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Happy Xmas all who read this... all 3 of you :-)

I roasted a nice free range organic duck this year. Salt and peppered the skin, with garlic, salt and a wedge of onion in the cavity. All nice and simple as always (I used as a guide Jamie Oliver's book from his Italy programme {I didn't see the programme] but the recipes rock).

I kept the fat from the duck to roast my potatoes in, they came out really crisp and gorgeous (after being par boiled) :-D

The brussel sprouts I par boiled, chilled in ice-water then fried in butter to warm them up.

I also made my own "stuffing", bread crumbs, onion and sage. Left to marinade in themselves for a while then panfried in butter (I could have put some garlic in, I can't remember!).

All in all a good feast... now for the leftover recipes!


Mona said...

Dang, that's frickin awesome sounding.
We're gonna try and roast some potatoes tonight but we won't have the killer duck fat to use...what a great idea. And stuffing?! I hope you had someone to share all that with..or you're gonna have to go on a big ol' hike like I did yesterday-ha!

Nazca said...

I shared it with a friend. I was planning to have it all by myself... it worked out better this way!

Catesa said...

yep brussel sprouts, now im really sure i gagged.

hte duck sounds amazing as always m'dear will miss you this week!