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Thursday, December 22, 2005


I've been quite lazy in blogging, haven't done much "new" stuff lately, just perfecting my classics :-) Good old steaks with cream sauces, bruschetta with different toppings (traditional and blasphemous I imagine) and .

Xmas is only a few days away, and it's the first time I get to go solo, just cooking for myself so I can cook it myself. I saw Rick Stein's (probably my fav chef) Food Heroes Christmas special the other day and now have an interest in duck or goose. I've had goose before at my Nans place in Ireland, but never cooked it before myself. Hopefully it will make my roast spuds just that little bit more scrumptious!

However, it's now Thursday and Xmas day is Saturday so I'm gonna have to gamble on what I can find in the shops and markets. I'll adapt, if it all goes wrong there's always the local pizza place!


Mona said...

HA! You're gonna have pizza for Xmas? Come on Naz, you can do better than that !I know it!

Catesa said...

roast goose pizza!

Nazca said...

LOL I can do better, which comes into Catesa's comments!!!!!

I'll get something roasted don't you worry!

Nazca said...

Duck! Goose was too expensive :-(