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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter fare

My brother has been visiting recently, so we've been mixing home cookery with take aways and restuarants/pubs. After a week of this even I'm thinking about detoxing!!

The home cooked food ranged from my oft tried quick recipies like the potato/chorizo bake and Thai green curry.

The food in the restaurants ranged from the disapointing under-cooked pizza (even pizza hut would have been embarassed) to the deliciously rustic cheese/pate board.

This was all accompanied with lots and lots of ale/bitter or guinness. Things are only now starting to get back into focus... football this evening was a chastening experience! :-)

Plus, I also ate a choccy egg given to my by my boss at work, it came with a darth vader pen holder which was cool. The choccy was nice, if not a little on the dark side... :-D


Ivonne said...


It sounds like you and your brother had a lovely time ... cheers!

Cindy said...

Yeah it sounds like it. How can you drink Guiness ??? Smells bad and I guess tastes bad also. Carling ain't better ?
PS : ok, as I'm a non drinker I don't know much about beer, just served some for 1 year.

Nazca said...

Carling!? Carling!?!?! I'm shocked! It's like asking someone to eat a McDonalds "hamburger" instead of a Argentine/Aberdeen Angus/Kobe steak!

OK, the Guinness might have a good punch the first time you try it, but that's character for you. Carling is just blandness gone blander. After that first mouthful you appreciate the smoothness and general all-round goodness of it :-)

Mona said...

lots and lots of ale makes anything taste good, right?
and you ate choccy eggs but didn't save me any?
what is up with that...

Nazca said...

Thinking about your health Mona! Nothing selfish I assure you! O:-)

Catesa said...

chocolate can never be too dark. Besides... DARTH VADER PEN! *breaks out in to the tune of superfreak*

HEEEE's Ubergeek... UBERgeek! HES UBERGEEKaaaay uhh uh uhh uh!!!!

and we love him :D