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Monday, October 16, 2006

Choccy Cake

Ivonne made her pound cake and it inspired me. I've adapted that recipe and merged it with this one from UKTVFood. Mine's not as well finished as Cream P's but when is it ever? :-)

I don't have a round thingie, so I just used a normal cake time, and instead of making two thinner ones I made one large one. This was due to the fact that I'm lazy, there's less washing up and I only have one this size :-) That pic is of the botton, I flipped it so it is easier to spread the choccy onto.

My topping was a bit like Ivonne's, it's just cream and chocolate... oh, and a bit too much Couvoisier Brandy. Oh well, what's wrong with a little kick in your cake?

The result was a lovely moist choc cake, with a "subtle" brandy twist... I enjoyed mine with lots of cream :-)


Ivonne said...



After working all weekend and being bone-tired, this is exactly what I needed. A delicious chocolate cake with brandy and lots of humour!

It's gorgeous! You're gorgeous! I'm going to bed now a very happy Cream Puff.


Mae said...

You're hilarious. What's a 'round thingie' is it the same as 'that thing'? lol.

Anyway, your chocolate cake looks absolutely fabulous. Really moist and with a good layer of chocolate sauce.

Oh, i'd like some of that!

Nazca said...

The lovely ladies and gents at work likes it too. I'm glazing the other half tonight, not sure what magic ingredient I'll put in it tonight though...

Nazca said...

PS Ivonne, I am single.. ;-)

cabi said...

hi cudly wudly :D

cake looks come u neva make these fabulus things 4 me?? dont u love me? i am ur lil sista u know!! u gotta take care of me more !! that means feeding me chockie cake!!!:P
u know thats da whole reason y im gonna go live in manchester right? lol

Nazca said...

Wow, mention choc cake and the little one comes running!

I told you before, speak proper English and I'll make you want you want... depending if you're in the same country!