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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Swirly Cheesecake

Yes, more cheesecake! Got a problem there...? No? Good :-)

I used this recipe on this occasion, again from UKTVFood. I hope they don't charge :-S

I made some adjustments to the recipe as it was set out, most were on purpose (D'Oh!), I didn't put the sugar in the choc, but put it all in the general mix. What difference that make nobody will ever know... or more importantly, care. :-)

The other thing I added, this time on purpose!, was chopped dried cherries. Why not? The texture of my other cakes was lovely and smoothe, this will be as smooth apart from the chewy bits :-) I could have soaked them in a liquer or something, but I don't have any cheap stuff and I'm not going to put in £40 whisky/brandy in there, I'd prefer to drink it thanks!

This next pic shows the huge chasm I put into it... *ahem*

Well the deli I was in earlier had one so... :-) Gotta fly Nanny McPhee is... er, Die Hard is just starting!!!


Anonymous said...

I love all those swirls on the top! They look great and I bet they taste even better. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Mona said...

Incredible. Look at you Betty Crocker! Wow!! Can you fed ex me one of those?

Nazca said...

Ari, The swirls look good on the outside, but i kind of "smudged" the inside. I wanted to have the swirl go all the way through, but i stirred it too much :-(

Mona, I can't imagine what it would look like when it arrived! I'd still eat it though :-)

Mae said...

Oh, wowie! I'd like a slice or two of that cheesecake please!

It looks heanly yummy on my screen [i had to click the photo to see the bigger view and it looked even betta!).

Now i'm hungry.

Nazca said...

I had a nice slice myself and gave the rest to friends at work. One slice for me, one slice for him, one slice for her, one slice for me... :-)