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Sunday, December 03, 2006

All Day English Breakfast Lasagne

Catchy title hey?

I promised Ivonne, of the Cream Puff variety, that I would make this dish one day. She might have dared me... who can remember?

I used chipolatas, Danish bacon, black pudding, boiled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes (well the sauce had them :-)) No beans though, I hope I don't loose any points. I precooked all the good stuff first, and most of it made it into the lasagne... I gave in to temptation... sue me :-P

Now I've never used this dish before for a lasagne, and since I don't measure anything it was all going to be fun getting it all in there.

As it turned out, the crispy bits were the best!

Mozzarella (left over from lunch) and parmegianno to top it off. It tasted goooooooooood, how else does lasagne taste?


Mae said...

Oh, i love the crispy bits too!

What? No beans? That's it! I'm leaving now...

Yes, indeed, it's a catchy title. :)

Nazca said...

Crispy bits rule!

Ivonne said...

I'm drooling! And I can't tell you how happy I am that you actually took pictures!

I suppose now that you've taken up the dare I owe you something???

How about my endless admiration???

Nazca said...

I don't have your endless admiration already? :-o

Cat B said...

k when you were emailing me about lasange all day i never expected youd gone completely nutty and done something like this.

Now all my suspicions have been confirmed. You are too weird for words.

And im still your friend.

Nazca said...

'Corse we're still friends, our wierdness perfectly dovetails :-D

Cindy said...

How strange but it does look good !

peabody said...

Black of the few things I wont ever eat again. But the rest of it all sounds wonderful.!

Nazca said...

:-o what's wrong with black pudding? It can be a bit rich but as long as you don't over do it it can be lovely :-)