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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Been a while since my last post, lost of office parties and general merriment has been going on :-)

Anyway... last year I roasted a duck, this year I'm sitting back and watching (and maybe snapping pics!).

I'm off to Ireland to be with the family (90% Irish decent ;-)). I haven't asked but we're probably having Turkey, we've had goose and similar in the past. Our family lives in a tiny village in Co. Laois, right next to the farms of their friends, we've got some nice treats straight from the farms in the past :-D

So, baring a miracle this'll be my last post this side of the New Year, so have a happy Christmas to all who celebrate it, and a Happy New Year to everyone who's looked at a Gregorian calender this year!

PS this is what I want for Xmas


Cat B said...

see, i just think that tatoo would look brilliant on you! HUNGRY! its so very a propos!
maybe next year i will get you the "i never finish anyth" tshirt... since i feel that embodies you more so than the talking Homer Simpson beer bottle opener :D although....thats a good one too lol
Merry xmas mate!

Cat B said...

ps. have a wicked good time in Ireland!

Nazca said...

lol I could handle all three gifts I think :-)

I'll just send Thai Seven Spice and Rice Paper your way ;-)

Cat B said...

no thai 7 spice (didnt like it very much) thanks anyway though :)

Ivonne said...

And a Merry Christmas to you!