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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bacon and Cabbage

This is another impulse thing. I was walking around the supermarket and picked up the things I felt like, no recipe really in my mind. In the back of my head I knew I had some pancetta lardons that were coming to the end of their time. I'd had a very average Thai the night before, but paid very un-average prices! Sadly I don't mean the good side of average :-(

Then a cabbage lunged at me! A savoy no less. You'd think they'd be more dignified... So I have pork and cabbage, what brilliantly intricate meal could I create...? I fried the bacon bits, and added a red onion and fried it some more (adding a little olive oil now). When they were bronzed I added the cabbage. Stirred it, popped on a lid... 7-10 mins later I added a splash of balsamic to deglaze and then served. S&P of course... and a little toasted sour dough bread drizzled with EVOO. Simple


Stuie said...

and oldy but a goody

Nazca said...

who me or the recipe?

Cat B said...

heehe both!

Cat B said...

ps. bacon is yummy