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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another Tomato Sauce

Finally got organised yesterday and cooked something for myself rather than cheating and buying in!

I fried off little cudes of pancetta in a saucepan in their own fat, then added finely chopped onions to soak up the fat. I added a little olive oil soon after, then added a couple of cloves are chopped garlic and stirred. Once that had had time to soften I added a bit of paprika and let that cook out before adding some red wine, not much, say half a glass, then in went a can of plum tomatoes and it's juice (I mashed the tomatoes up a bit in the pan).
Dried oregano and basil were added along with salt and pepper and I let that cook for about 20 mins. Then in went a few flageolet beans to warm through while the pasta was cooking. Bit of parmesan and you have the perfect meal to get you back on track after all the excess over the last few weeks! :-)

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