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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pizza and cheesecake (II)

More or less the same as yesterday, though with more experience :-) I still had half the dough I made yesterday to use. (I shared the second pizza with house-mates).

Today I used mozzarella and a creamy goats cheese. Yesterday's goats cheese was subtley diffrent, it was much better melted, but then it had no real texture.

The combination of the cheeses today was much better than yesterday, coupled with the fact I was using the pizza stone for the second time, rather than the first, the pizza was much better. (It had 3 types of italian salami/ham on and tomatoes [with fresh basil]).

The cheesecake, after time to harded and mature in the fridge for the day, was sublime. Best yet.
I'm gonna take some in for the people at work (otherwise I'll finish it).


Cindy said...

That's sound great, wish there was a picture :)

Nazca said...

OK OK I'll get a camera, stop hassling me everyone :-P


Mona said...

mmmm, pizza and cheesecake.
where's the picture?
haaa! just teasin' naz, don't worry, i have a camera and it takes the worst pictures. if you can write well the words should speak for themselves, right?

Nazca said...

So pics aren't enough, i have to create lovely flowing prose too now! I'M TOO LAZYYYYYYYY!

Ivonne said...


You are too funny! Mozzarella AND goats cheese = HEAVEN!

Nazca said...

Thank you! A bit of appreciation at last! :-)