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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Steak and... bread?

If you're a regular reader (all two of you?!) you'll know I like my farmer's market. I bought a sirloin from one of the farmers today, hung for 20 days on the bone. The marbling was great. Fat is what makes the world turn round! Where do you think the taste comes from?!

With that I had English mustard (the man's mustard :-D) on the side with sun-dried tomato batard (french bread) diced and friend in olive oil with fried red onions.

Delish again. I amze myself sometimes ;-)


mg said...

I must be your 3rd reader then... lol.

Hey, i've noticed, where are the photos to drool on? Don't keep the sight to yourself.

Nazca said...

The hard part about taking pictures (apart fromt he fact I don't have a digital camera) is that the nearest thing I have to take pictures with is upstairs from my kitchen. Truth is, as soon as it served up I'm only thinking one thing... eat it! :-)

Ivonne said...


I didn't seem to get my dinner invitation???

Seriously, you've just described one of my favourite meals. And you're right, fat makes all the difference!

Nazca said...

Well if you bring desert I'll do the rest. I just hope you won't try and seduce me...! :-D