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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Porcini with fettucini

Does what is says on the box. On my recent trip to Rome I had this wonderful pasta dish, so I decided to mimic it back home. I soaked my dried porcini (then squeezed them dry) and lightly warmed them through in olive oil with garlic. The dried pasta I brought back with me was nearly see-through, it cooked in no time at all. Then it was all about combining them. It was delish. I thought about adding truffle oil (again I picked it up in Rome), but thought I'd leave that to tonight :-)


Mona said...

truffle oil. ummm..hello!?!? why would you want to save that for another night? ha :) sounds delicious. why can't i find that at my local bodega? grrr!

Nazca said...

Hehe because I had lots more porcini. Is it worth having every meal the same? Or should I vary it.