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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pockets of goodness

I was watching Nigel Slater the other day and he came up with this really simple recipe involving goats cheese, pesto and puff pastry.

We had a French market in Manchester this weekend, I went down on friday and picked up some gorgeous blue brie and a nice lump of goats cheese. The blue brie was harvested for dinner on friday night (I even bought some fancy crackers: rosmary, wheat and, cheese and walnut). There's not much of that left now :-)

For the pocket you place the goats cheese in the centre of a square of puff pastry, dollop on a spoon of pesto (Giovenese in my case [bought at an extortionate price from Marks and Spencers; it was only quite average too!]). Egg wash the outer sides and fold towards the middle, then egg wash the outer side.

As you can see I had some pastry left over (it was store bought). Luckily I had picked up some fine pork sausages at the farmers' market and I had one left over from breakfast (which was accompanied by black pudding and fried eggs :-))

So a quick sausage roll was produced. Still more pastry left over: so the smaller of the parcels is just pesto and parmegianno regianno rolled into a sausage.

20 mins at ~210C yielded what you can see here.


Ivonne said...

My goodness that is a sight to behold! Delicious.

Nazca said...

It was pretty yummy. I'll have the sausage roll tomorrow, and eat soup the rest of the week!

Buffy said...

How did I miss this?

Nazca said...

Too busy chasing vampires I guess? That was pathetic, I appologise :-)

Orchidea said...

I like those puff pasties... they look so good!

Cindy said...

Humm looks good !

Nazca said...

Thanks, they were mmhmm good :-)