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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Puff of inspiration

I wasn't going to have Chilli this weekend, until I saw a certain blog. I haven't had chilli for ages I thought.

So a tub of creme fraiche, and some steak mince later... viola as they say in Peckham (Only Fools and Horses joke there).

Onions, garlic, dried chilli, Farmers' Market steak mince, paprika, cayenne pepper, tins of italian tomatoes and a touch of water. Oh... creme fraiche and crispy pitta. Sorted. You'll have to imagine the chives.


Ivonne said...


Why have I never thought of creme fraiche on chili before. Mr. Nazca, you have taught me a most valuable lesson this evening.

My eternal thanks!

Nazca said...

It works quite well really, I don't think I'm the first one to try it... I have a vague recollection of someone else doing it (on TV)

Mae said...


Mmmmmm. Very nice indeed. I love eating chilli with pita bread too! Toasted slightly in the oven with garlic butter. Oh yum. I think my appetite is starting to come back up. ;)

Btw, thanks for the link for Paul. I only watched the program for the duration of the recipe as i was on my way out of the house :)

Nazca said...

ooh garlic butter, now there's a good idea!

One of my favourite shows includes Paul [Merrett], it's called The Best, Silvana Franco is a goddess (apart from when she went all low-fat ;-)) :-)