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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Caesar Salad

I had some anchovies left over from the weekend, so I was thinking what I could use them for. In a flash of pure (what would eventually be recognised as) self-hate I thought Caesar salad!

I got this recipe from Gino from UKTVFOOD. The salad was the best I've ever had, though it means I'll have to eat salad for days because I made so much dressing! It's day two and it's getting a liiiiittle boring ;-)

I whacked it into my food processor and a minute (or two) later I had this:

It came out like (home made) mayonnaise, consistency-wise, and like Caesar dressing taste wise. Ok, I am lying here, I've never chosen to have Caesar salad in a restaurant so how would I know what it tastes like? I may have to compare now though... and have a massive steak to balance all those nasty salad leaves.

Along with some crispy fried bacon and a few croutons it was pretty darn good (the first day...)


Cat B said...

oh im so proud! you ate lettuce!! we will for now ignore the fact it was tossed in dressing, bacon & fried bread :)

Mona said...

oh my god naz. i am a caesar salad freak! i get it all the time at restaurants!! caesar with chicken, usually. but yours with the bacon bits look AWESOME! i also make it at home for my parents, i'm going to have to try this new recipe because i've never made the dressing from scratch. i always cheat:)

Nazca said...

Thanks Cat, I'm quite proud of myself too. Never eaten so much salad in my life... I feel a little light-headed... :-S

Mona, I'll have to send you some of mine. No, really, it's no trouble. Have it... TAKE IT!!!! pleeeeeeease!

Ivonne said...

You know I have never been able to make a satisfying caesar dressing at home ... I will have to try this.

Nazca said...

Ivonne, I find that hard to believe! You need to practice in between your gorgeous cakes and breads :-)