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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nazca does not only like his food!

I shopped online again, got a delivery tonight in fact. 90% of the bill was for booze :-)

I got a few ales I'd never had before (and a few I had), a few bottles of wine I've never had (Jacob's creek, grenache shiraz) and a few cans of Guinness [for the onion gravy ;-)].

And these beauties:

All this booze is for my consumption. We have 6 weeks of football coming up, come on England!

Actually, the whiskies will be delightfully supped over the next few months. Nothing added but just a few drops of water :-)


Ivonne said...

Ah yes ... the beautiful game!

Which should only be accompanied by beautiful ales and other spirits.

So how ill England do? I had high hopes for Italy but with all the hullabaloo with the soccer ... I mean football ... scandal I wonder how they'll do.

Nazca said...

Well with a Canadian in our team how can we not win it!

Italy will fair well, they always do. But they won't get too far I hope. They're pretty boring as football goes.

We'll do very well I think, we have the best midfield bar none. Even without our most dangerous player, Rooney, we should cause every team we play problems. The big game will be Brasil in the semi-finals.

Anyway, it's the world cup, the best football teams (countries) in the world trying to play the best football. How can it fail to be special?! :-)

Catesa said...

footy freaks...i'll be over here pretending nothing is happening with some of that alcohol. i hear pouring it down the toilet is good fun :)

Nazca said...