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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stuff your pockets!

Pitta pockets that is.

I had a grand idea to create something tasty for all to see. However, after waiting for the bus for an hour I was more interested in getting fed, and quickly!

So into the frying pan went the onions and cubes of pancetta. Into the next pan went red peppers and button mushrooms. I split them so they'd fry and not steam/boil themselves in an over-crowded pan. I told you I was hungry, two pans makes it quicker :-)

Once the onions and pancetta had a chance to brown I added the garlic and dried chilli. I wanted the flavour of chilli, not the bite... so no seeds.

Then in I tipped the onions/pancetta into the peppers/mushrooms so I could use the frying pan to fry the omellette quickly. The omellette was fried on a high heat, stirring so all the egg could set, while still molten I grated some Parmesan onto it. Once the omelette had set, I moved it to the saucepan with the other ingredients and broke, and stirred it in.

Serve in pitta pockets :-)

Oh, and since I was hungry the camera never had a chance!


Catesa said...

sometimes i suffer from hunger and misss out on photos too...therefor i forgive you not taking one lol yummy pitas

Ivonne said...

But where is my portion? The least you could have done was send me some!

Nazca said...

Then how would I tempt you to visit me my little Cream Puff?