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Monday, May 22, 2006

Pasta: Bolognese

Bacon sliced (fried and removed)
Onions diced
Mushrooms hallucinogenically enhanced
Pimienta stuffed olives roughly chopped (added after the onions/mushrooms had cooked out a bit)
(Add the bacon back in)
White wine vinegar and a little water (de-glasing)
Sun-dried cherry tomato paste
Organic ketchup (it was at this point I looked to my trusty cupboard for a can of tomatoes or passatta to find an empty cupboard, D'oh!)
Dried herbs: oregano and basil
Freshly ground pepper (no salt at this stage, olives and bacon are pretty salty)

The pasta was added to the sauce, with a little extra virgin olive oil and more pepper. Parmegiano reggianno to top :-)

On the pic front, it was late, there was little to no natural light. I picked the best froma few different setting. hope you can see :-)


Ivonne said...

You see Signore Nazca ... this is why you HAD to get a camera!

Of course now I have the overwhelming urge for pasta bolognese but at least I can have sweet dreams about it.

Well done!

Catesa said...

ohhh yummy that looks so so so good hope you werent hallucinating too long ;)

Nazca said...

Thanks Puff, the images are a little steamy. It was pretty cold here at the time, and I was in close! :-)

Cat, ooooh pink elephants are playing poker with rainbow coloured armidillos 8-D

mae said...

Hi Nazca,
That's one hell of a goodlooking pasta! I too have trouble with natural light... I'm at work when it's glorious and come home when it's dark! I play in the kitchen for posting on weekends instead when there's plenty of daylight for me to play with.

I made a tasty pork green curry the other night it looked beautiful but the photos didn't turn out as i wanted them to so i binned them [not the food!].

I hope you're enjoying your new toy.

Nazca said...

It should get better suring the summer. Saying that this in Manchester, there's always a rain cloud around!