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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lacksa thing

If you've read the below fudge recipe you'll know I needed something basic and easy to put on while I fiddled with the unknown new recipe. I'd cooked this recently but not bothered to blog it since it was soooo simple and I'd done something like it before.

However, following recent feedback I thought I'd try informing readers a little more. So I showed some intermediate stages in the fudge recipe and added a few little helping "oh, my god should this really happen?!" hints. I don't know if is should happen, at least you know it happened here!

So, quick easy lacksa, I think I've spelt it wrong but Wikipedia is too.. far... away......

Onions, sliced and fried in oil/butter until brown.
In with garlic and ginger grated, dried chilli chopped.
Next, baby corn on the cob, roughly chopped, and chucky chopped mushrooms next.
After they'd fried a little, in went a blend of toasted cumin and coriander seeds, ground fenugreek, turmeric and cayenne pepper.
I waited til the spices had had a chance to cook off the raw feel to them, then I added coconut milk and chicken stock.
Then in with the sweet snap peas, I suppose they could have gone in much nearer the end (I left mine for 45-50 mins) but I had fudge to do!

To serve, rice noodles and fresh coriander.


Ivonne said...

Oh wow! That looks fantastic. I love anything with coconut milk!

Mae said...

Naz, this looks like a mean grub. Did you have it with the garlic bread that you posted? Oh, and the macadamia fudge... i've never tasted one before but looks sooooo gud.

I love the idea of rice noodles on your laksa.

Nazca said...

Ivonne: It was very nice, good time to taste ratio :-)

Mae: I had it as it was, i might have had a spare crispy roll left over from lunch. I'm all about fusion baby, yeah! :-)