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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stir Fried Fusion

Again my choice of meal was governed by the time, I had 30 mins in between cookery shows :-D

I had a packet of assorted sea food, prawns, squid and muscles. They were fried in a little garlic oil and then drained (loads of water came out).

Rice noodles were boiled and drained.

The baby corn what quartered lengthways and fried in garlic and ginger. Then in went spring onions (scallions) and baby vine tomatoes.

To build the dish (:-)): Seafood, rice noodles, stir fried veg., rocket and fresh coriander. A little ground pepper and soy sauce and it was fit for a king.


Mae said...

Noodles are so versatile and takes no time to cook that's why i love them.

I only ate noodles once this week and after seeing this, am i craving again or wot!?

Did you mean mussels? Saying that, you do need muscles to stir them through... :)

Hey, i see you've changed to beta. Nice.

Mae said...

Beta doesn't seem to show link of non-bloggers account holders. This is frustrating and somewhat annoying.

We're being excluded.

Not your fault but blogger's.

Nazca said...

The noodles were yummy. I did originally intend to stick them into rice paper and make spring rolls. But didn't have time (or the energy :-)).

I annoy myself, it's not the first time I've called them muscles rather that mussels. Idiot :-)

It's a beta, something will come along soon that will be betta :D

mae said...

It's easily done, Naz. Don't beat yourself. :)

It betta be! :P

Celia said...
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