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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Macadamia fudge

I added a tracker recently, at the time of writing I've had 120 visitors since last week. It's nice to know someone is actually reading this stuff, I hope it doesn't all go to my head... from all the cakes I've been baking lately it's more likely to my stomach (not hips, I am a man after all).

Anyway... Fudge. I was recently wandering through the Arndale Market and found a stall that sells nuts, nuts and chocolate covered things. Being a sucker for expensive things I bought some raw macadamia nuts (and some roasted and salted ones to eat while relaxing later on ;-)). I thought it would be nice to try a little kind of toffee thing, I've never done toffee or anything like it before. I trawled for recipes and decided on this one, because a) it was in British measures I could readily adapt and b) because it was the simplest I found. So after buying a thermometer yesterday I thought I'd give it a whirl tonight. I cooked a very simple Lacksa type thing so I could concentrate on this new recipe (see above).

Once I'd followed the recipe (wow, that was a LOT of sugar!) and it had finally reached soft ball (took ages!) I let it rest for a few minutes (in which time I ran for my camera)...

(looks yummy hey? ;-)) ...then stirred in the [saucepan] bashed, toasted nuts. Stirred until thickened and then poured it into a makeshift container: pyrex dish coated with a silicon baking sheet.
And viola: (this is when it's still pretty hot and molten. It solidifies pretty quick... if you leave a bit of a plate to test :-)


Anonymous said...

hey nazki

well 4 this resipy all i can think of is....errrrmmmm

Y U M M Y !!!!


cab... who else?

Nazca said...

Thanks sis, I'll email you some :-)

Ivonne said...

Oh! I can see the little macadamia babies peeking through. I'm impressed my friend!

Mae said...


See? You're famous, eh? Thanks for the link :)

Nazca said...

Ivonne, they saw you drooling too ;-)

Mae, no probs. What it doesn't show it the tons of scrubbing the pan... only to realise a knife chips it all out!!