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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quick lamb koftas with minty yoghurt

Another recipe hemmed in by TV programmes or a football match (we lost... Spanish refs are [censored for ridiculous accusations]).

First the onions were diced finely and fried in quite a dry pan until the edge was taken off, and they browned a little. They were dumped onto my chopping board and spread out thinly to cool.

I placed chopped basil and coriander into a bowl, along with organic minced lamb. The onions were added along with finely chopped garlic. To that I added freshly ground cumin, cayenne pepper, ground turmeric and paprika.

That was all mixed thoroughly by squeezing it together by hand (you might want a bowl of hot, soapy water nearby for afterwards :-)) (I didn't, D'oh!)

I made four patties from about 400g of mince. Two were left to mature over night in the fridge, two were fried then and there.

The yellow stuff you can see is turmeric coloured juice/fat (before you ask I had my cholesterol checked today and it was below the average for a Brit :-)) (which is not saying much! :-( )

I served the koftas on basmati with fresh coriander stirred through and chucked on top (presentation counts for nothing! The only reason you're seeing this recipe is that a Cream Puff nagged me :-P)

...and a minty yoghurt concoction. Greek yoghurt mixed with a dash of white wine vinegar, vanilla infused caster sugar and dried mint (they were out of the fresh stuff, and I used the last of mine on the rack of lamb at the weekend :-))

These are the babies I made yesterday and left to mature. They tasted pretty good for improvisation.


Cat B said...

looks sososo good... please make me some when i come to visit! see the food list is growing :D

Nazca said...

LOL I think i'll be bankrupt after eating through our list, but what a way to go! :-)

mae said...

I like that you've 'sweated' the onions first. They must've added a really good caramelly onion taste.

Is letting the patties mature makes a difference to the taste?

Sorry to hear Spain lost. At least your lamb koftas were a win. :)

Nazca said...

All the herbs and flavours get time to penetrate the meat. I guess it changes the flavour of the whole, but whether that makes it better...

A Spanish referee was refereeing a Champions League game between Celtic and Manchester United. A Celtic player cheated and from that they scored a goal and we lost. It's all in the past now ;-)

Mona said...

naz, i've never heard of those before. they look like crabcakes:)
but i'm sure they taste even better. looks awesome. now if only i could take good pictures like you are now. any plans for the holidays? what do you celebrate?

Nazca said...

They're basically burgers made from lamb instead of beef (or other "meats" if you buy them from Ronald). I thought crab cakes are more potato based?

Ivonne said...

Oh, Lovely! Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

The lamb koftas sound delicious by themselves, but with the addition of basmati rice and yogurt topping - irresistable!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Nazca said...

They were pretty yummy! :-)