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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Indian beef surprise.

After gorging on gorganzola and fresh bread [:-D] last night, I wanted something nice and light. So I ignored myself and made a nice filling rice dish :-)

I coated the beef in flour, tumeric, paprika, fenugreek, salt, pepper and ground coriander and browned it in a little oil and butter. Then I extracted it from the saucepan, turned down the heat a little and added chopped red onions and diced baby potatoes. Once they had had a good turn in the juices I added chilli seeds, garlic and fresh ginger. I added some chucky cut field mushrooms and stirred them into the mix followed by a good handfull of rice. The rice was unwashed, and just stirred into the oils and juices already in the saucepan. In with a couple of cardamon pods and I was nearly there.

Then in went beef stock and water to cover, then I left it to simmer with the lid on.

40 mins later it was ready for devouring. Only now do I realise I forgot the cumin... D'oh.


Mona said...

i'm amazed at your talent to just whip whatever the hell up you want. how do you do it? when i decide on making something it always seems to turn into such a project.

Nazca said...

thanks :-) what can i say, i'm gifted!

i read lots of recipes and watch a lot of cooking programs. From that I get a sense of how cooking works. I tend to do a little research before I try something.

I've never followed a recipe properly, I always seem to go off at a tangent at some point and just rely on my taste and judgement to get me through. It usually works out ok, and stops me from ever having the same meal twice :-)

Cindy said...

That sounds delicious.