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Monday, November 28, 2005

Slacker - Pork chops

Ok, I haven't been posting much lately. I've been away in hotels trying to bankrupt them by eating all the food in their english buffet breakfasts :-D

Since my larder was empty, i was buying quick and easy stuff (but none of that rubbish in jars!).

I did go back to the farmers' market though, bought to whopping pork chops, with a nice thick rind. I whipped that off for a start, scored it nice and deep and rubbed salt into it. Then stuck it under a hot grill with the chop (which had beed seasoned) until done. With a little multi-seeded bread that was dinner.

The crackling was to die for...

Then there was the Cantonese buffet tonight, needless to say, hours later the mountain of ribs and salt & pepper chicken is still making it's way through my alimentary canal... too much information? :-)


Catesa said...

yep, thats the Naz i know... now hand me some ribs :)

Nazca said...

You do know I would fight you for them if they weren't on an unlimited basis. Friends means nothing when ribs are involved ;-)

Catesa said...

i have to agree! :)