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Saturday, November 12, 2005


The Farmers' Market was in Manchester again this week. I bought two lovely thick, juicy sirlion steaks. I just like them simply seasoned with lots of pepper and a little salt.

I have a really good griddle pan, but this time i opted just to fry it in a mix of olive and vegetable oil. The hot oil sealed the meat and gave it a nice crispy crust. 4 minutes later it was done.

BLACK on the outside, but a nice PINK on the inside.

Can't be beaten.


Catesa said...

i agree wholeheartedly! if its pink but doesnt have the blood leaking out everywhere im happy :)

Ebru said...

how are you! i know i promised a long long time ago.. but here i am ;)
i just love dessert.. u want to post something on that?


Nazca said...

Hi Ebru. You need to go look for my cheesecake entries. As you know I'm not a very sweet man, I only eat dessert on the rare occasion.