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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scraps from here are there

Ok, didn't do much shopping lately. And after the Chinese buffet at the weekend I didn't feel like food this morning (a first). All I had were some red onions. Luckily, my brother was getting rid of his leftovers, bacon and mushroom, since he's leaving for South America tomorrow (I see the world in how it affects my dinner). In exchange I cooked gluten free and shared it.

I fried the bacon in olive oil, then added the sliced onions. Then in went chunky cut mushrooms and chunky cut anchovy stuffed green olives (I always have a few tins in reserve). Then came the two cloves of sliced garlic. Then some dried herbs, oregano, sage and basil, with paprika and white wine vinegar. Then I added the basmati rice (I was gonna cook pasta, penne, seperately... but changed the recipe last minute to accomodate the bro), stirred it into the ingredients already in the saucepan to coat the grains in the oils and flavours. Then I added passata and chicken buillon(sp?) and left to simmer with the lid on for 20 mins.

Not bad for mainly cupboard items :-)


Catesa said...

i have anchovy stuffed olives too... they say brilliant minds think alike ;) say bye to your bro for me, safe trips all round

Nazca said...

I also have garlic stuffed olives and jalapeno stuffed olives. The feta stuffed ones I've eaten already :-D

Catesa said...

mmm feta stuffed olives sound delicious, i'll have to check the shops again!!