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Monday, June 05, 2006

Cornish pasty

I've been weak recently. Ordering pizzas and buying easy food. Today I had some time, in between X-Files DVDs, so I whipped up a proper pasty.

The filling consisted of a mix of raw steak, potato, carrot, onion and swede. Seasoned with lots of salt and pepper. I laid a pile in the middle of the shortcrust pastry (store bought) and added a little butter on top. Then I folded it over and expertly crimped it, as you can no doubt see ;-)

The pastry was a little soft, you may be able to pic out a few patches. I cut a little hole in the top too, I didn't want any explosions!

40 mins at 220-230C and all was ready. The little one to the side was part of the leftovers...


Ivonne said...

Looks delicious, Nazca.

But what is "swede"?

What season of the X-Files are you watching? I loved that show but it all went downhill towards the end.

Catesa said...

i was going to ask what is it stuffed with then i realised maybe i should actually read the entry and not just drool over the photos :)
so...xfiles... hmm. i have to admit im proud, maybe if you are nice i will buy you an xfiles cap so we can be geeky xfiles fans together ;)

Nazca said...

Cream P, Swede is a root vegetable, you call it rutabaga I think. It's like a cross between cabbage and turnip.

I'm watching series eight, I missed a few of them because they started to get pants, but now I have a DVD mailing system so I thought I'd get all the series I missed :-)

Cat, at last I have a reason to be mean to you ;-)

mae said...

Oh, my gawd!!! That looks so tasty!

I want, i want, i want!