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Saturday, January 28, 2006

4x8, ta for this Mona :-)

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:
Civil Servant
Bank clerk (temp)
Gas supplier clerk (temp)
That's all, professional student before then!

Four Movies I Could (and I do) Watch Over and Over
Shawshank Redemption
Star Wars (All 6 :-P)
Matrix (No. 1)
Dumb & Dumber (At least they're the 4 that I'd watch again now, it changes)

Four Places I've Lived
Manchester, UK
Quorndon, Leics, UK
And various other places in the UK

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch (at the moment)
Star Trek (all series)
Battlestar Galactica (both series)
Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation
Ireland (kinda second home)
Valencia, Spain

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Catesa's food blog
Mona's apple food(ish) blog

Four of My Favorite Foods
Chips (UK style)
Pasta (I use a type of pasta 5 times a week usually, and make up some kind of sauce to go with it)
Sausages (advantage of living abroad, you get to appreciate the small things in life/home)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
If I wanted it I'd be there. If I'm not there, I don't want it enough, so why worry about it?

Hmm, so I'm going nowhere, while eating fatty stuff with no view to using my various degrees at any point. That puts things in perspective! Anyone fancy a drink?


Mona said...

Nice meme Naz!!!
I fancy a drink, sure!
It's my Thursday so why the hell not! It will have to wait until I'm done with work though.

Nazca said...

Working sober? Hmm, I should try that sometime!

Catesa said...

ohhhh so thats why you are always emailing crazy nonsense hey? lol good though, i like your attitude about 'where youd rather be' great stuff :)