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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Prawn wonton

You may remember a few blogs back that I mentioned I had a hankerin' for some dim sum. The day after I bought some wonton pastry squares.

My filling consisted of raw tiger prawns, garlic and ginger. A few bread crumbs and a little coriander were added for texture and flavour respectively. Egg white was added to bind it all together and I left it for 30 minutes to rest before filling the little squares.

They came out like little X's on top, with each corner brought together at the top, with as much air pushed out as possible.

I boiled a couple and deep fried the rest. I liked the fried ones more, but you already knew that!


Ivonne said...

Sounds good to me!

I like your blog ... I found you via Mona's Apple.

I look forward to visiting again!

Nazca said...

All are welcome. I have lots to share :-D

Nazca said...

I also tried pork dim sum this weekend. Similar recipe. Just added spring onions (scallions) and grated the garlic and ginger.