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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pork loin with thyme and sage

Well... there's not much to that really. As you know I bought some thyme the other day, so I mixed it with some dried oregano I had and chopped it nice and fine and sprinkled it over the pork loin along with salt and pepper.

I put it in the oven until it had cooked (50 mins?), anyway the juices ran clear. I think the Thai 7 spice that was used in the roasting tin the night before (I lent it to a housemate for his (bland) chicken), kinda rubbed off on the pork while it cooked. Mental note, don't drop Thai 7 spice on your t-shirt, you'll never get it out!

Served with boiled baby new potatoes, onions/garlic/mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.


Catesa said...

thanks for that tip, will eat naked and surrounded by plastic sheeting next time thai 7 spice is involved!

Nazca said...

Hell, why not do it all the time, not just because 7 Thai spice is involved!!