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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dim sum and Chorizo surprise!

I went to celebrate a colleagues' Bday in China Town yesterday, I got a hankerin' for some dim sum, so I went back today (about 1 min from my work) and bought some frozen prawn dumpling. 2 mins in my steamer (bamboo wok thing) and hey presto, a starter!

I nicked Chorizo recipe from Nigella Lawson (yummy). It's fantastically intricate and messy involving millions of bowls and pans etc... OK OK you need an oven dish. That's it!

I chunky cut some new potatoes and added them to the dish with chunks of chorizo. You could stop their but I added crushed garlic, a couple of mushrooms I had left over and a small onions (sliced). Salt, pepper and add boiling water to cover. Violá, done!

200C in the oven, 1hr give or take.


Catesa said...

Nigella Lawson is indeed yummy. I have to admit a particular soft spot for Gordon Ramsey too, hes still my favourite. he yells a lot :)
Im coming over for dim sums as soon as i have my drivers licence so watch out heee

Nazca said...

Gordon Ramsey and Rick Stein are my favourites. Nigella is just sumptuous. Her cooking isn't bad either! :-)

Mona said...

Yeeah Chinatown. Sounds fun! I wonder what it's like compared to the NY version...
Dim sum.mmmm! I'm so hungry now. It's my late lunchtime and your dinner time.
Hmm, what shall we eat next?

Cindy said...

Why isn't there any pictures ? I wanna see how that delicous dish looks like :)

Nazca said...

Mona: I don't decide to eat anything until I'm at the butcher/supermarket/ocean. I was reading some cookery books earlier and was attracted to mushrooms, crostini, cheese... not sure what my subconcious will do with it until I'm ready to buy :-)

Cindy: well, yeah... about the pics. My kitchen is downstairs. My eating area (couch) is much nearer.

I'm not a photo[genic) person, the only thing close to a camera is my webcam (see bread entry a few months back)... ok, i'm lazy, I said it!

Mona said...

i thought you needed a good meme taggin naz. check out my 4x8 post for instructions.