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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chicken Fajitas (with yogurt and lemongrass)

I started by butterflying a chicken breast and marinading it in a mixture of fresh coriander, chilli, bruised and finely chopped lemongrass, seasoning and yogurt. I left it for a 30 mins (I was rushing to get out to a movie). I warmed up my griddle pan and scrapped most of the marinade off the chicken and grilled it. It came of lovely and juicy.

In a seperate pan I fried half and onions and warmed through some cherry tomatoes. Then added the rest of the marinade to cook through.

Put into tortillas and it was a fine messy dinner :-D


Cindy said...

Sounds good :)

Catesa said...

yummo! i dont like flour tortillas but would have eaten that chicken like it was the last thing on earth ;)

Nazca said...

You never know, with bird flu about it may not be around much longer! :-)