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Thursday, September 01, 2005

hmm didn't go to plan

My bro hurt his back in the gym. I ended up cooking his dinner too. He had a rump steak to use, so i salt/pepper one side and sprinkled Thai seven spice on the other, fried it off nice and quick and sliced it. In a saucepan i boiled/steamed some rice (with unpeeled garlic cloves [2]). mixed the two together with a bit of fried green pepper (capsicum) and added soy sauce to taste.

My Bolognese ended up being a bit more involved then i had planned. I added chestnut mushrooms, paprika, green pepper, dried oregano and basil (along with the final flourish of fresh basil). I think playing football (soccer) before eating made me bulk up the flavour a bit; the paprika, and to a lesser extent, sea salt and freshly ground pepper really added a depth to it.

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