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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mmm chicken

Chicken wrapped in proscuito ham, pan fried then finished off in the oven.


Onions sweated in a pan with garlic, rice thrown in and given a gentle stir, then add water. Cooked the rice til the water had been absorbed/evaporated.


Blue stilton, melted in the frying pan, double cream, salt/pepper.



Catesa said...

now THAT sounds good :D

Mona said...

found your site off of catesa's. you're a newbie to food-blogging like me! hello from new york!

Nazca said...

Yeah me and Catesa go way back, we should talk sometime maybe...? :-) Anyway, I like to think she only likes me because she doesn't pile on the pounds because of me, since she eats vicariously through me!


That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it :-P

Catesa said...

LOL why you insist on telling people the secret of our friendship is beyond me. :D