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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Get it all in

I was going down to London on Friday to celebrate England's first game in our inevitable sucessful World Cup. So I needed to get rid of the perishables on Thursday.

After slicing the raw chicken, I put paprika and cayenne pepper on/into it and pan fried it. I added red peppers, red onions and mushrooms. And emptied them onto baby tomatoes. Onto that went fresh parsley and (torn) fried eggs.

I sliced the chicken and added that to the mix. The concoction was then forced into pitta bread and snaffled pretty quickly.


Catesa said...

lots of colour! colour is good :) that chicken looks really tasty

Ivonne said...

I haven't had my lunch yet and now I'm terribly, terribly famished!

And it's all your fault.

I didn't see the match but know that England won. If Italy can't win it, I'd like to see England as champions.

Nazca said...

If England can't win it I hope It... No, sorry. Can't do it, come on England!


mae said...

I like that word snaffled... do you mind if i borrow it sometime? lol. Looks great Naz! Oh, look, i've acquired a nickname for you.

Nazca said...

mae, I've been called worse!

Snaffled is copyrighted I'm afraid, I'll let you use it but you'll have to pay me £0.01 every time... mates rates, you know ;-)

mae said...

Lol. Oh, how kind of you to give me discounted royalty charge.

Nazca said...

Call it evens if I can have some of that pork belly!

Cindy said...

Wahou pictures ! Ah that's great ! Speaking of England, I was mad at Crouch yesterday, he missed so many occasions to score... but he did managed to score one goal at the end. Come on England ! And if England can't win, I wish Germany can (I'm originally from there, so I guess I must support them).