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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Vongolle a la Nazca with tiger prawns and scallops

I cooked the vongolle in white wine, finely chopped onion, garlic and olive oil for a few minutes. They all opened up, it was going to be my day! ;-)

I emptied the vongolle from the saucepan but left the juices behind and reduced them.

Meanwhile, I pan fried the tiger prawns and scallops in butter and olive oil.

To the wine reduction I added fresh oregano, fresh parsley, lime juice and a double cream. And then added the shelled vongolle to warm through.

I arranged the seafood around the bowl and served the vongolle sauce on a mound of basmati.

No pics I'm afraid. You'll just have to imagine the large smile on my face too :-D


mae said...

from ear to ear i imagine...

Sounds yum. I see you've move to scallops and prawns diet now. Vongolle on rice...

Ivonne said...

You have to stop with this food and no photos ... it's completely unfair.

And by the way, I didn't receive my invitation for this dinner?

(Cream Puff is miffed!)

Nazca said...

nothing wrong with seefood or seafood diets! :-D

Sorry about the no pics, but a) I'm lazy, b) my camera was packed already, and c) I'm lazy ;-)

Perhaps your infamous postman nicked it?

mae said...

Hi Naz, you've been quiet for a while, whazzup?

Nazca said...

Too busy to post, stuffing myself with paella in Valencia (where my parents live).

Back soon though, then I'll post some tapas recipes ;-)

mae said...

Valencia? habla Espanol? 'only kidding!'

Promises, promises... :)

Enjoy! and by any chance, photos?

Nazca said...

I do as it happens speak spanish, my parents have lived in spanish speaking countries for 14 years now; me only 4.

Pics always depend on how hungry I am, how delish the food is and how far away the camera is ;-)