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Monday, June 05, 2006

Muscle surprise

No pic today I'm afraid, tough game of football this afternoon so I couldn't manage the stairs again after upping them twice already :-)

As I was in a dire need for food and a beverage I started by opening a bottle of Spitfire. Mmm hopy goodness :-)

Then I emptied, into a saucepan, the leftover Cornish pasty mix from yesterday. Potatoes, swede, onion and carrot. Fried that in olive oil for a min or two, then in went salt and black pepper [I under-peppered the pasty yesterday :-( ], a dried chili (whole, but split down one side) and two cloves of garlic (whole). Then boiling water to cover and a little dried oregano because it was looking at me from the cupboard.

Into the serving bowl I ripped some flat leaf parsley, and chucked in a few plump mussels. I removed the chili, and crushed some of the soup contents to thicken it a little. Then poured it over the muscles. It was surprisingly edible, it went down nearly as gratifying as the beer :-)


Ivonne said...

Sounds like the perfect cure for post-football pain.

So how will England do this time around? I of course am cheering for the Azzurri.

Nazca said...

We're confident of going all the way! This is the year that artistic football wins. So Italy V Germany final anyone? ;-)