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Saturday, June 17, 2006

See food and eat it!

I was in the mood for some seafood today. So I went for quick, easy and sublime.

In a little butter I pan fried the scallops and tiger prawns for a couple of minutes. Then lifted them out and placed them on the buttered toast. Then into the butter I added a little olive oil and the asparagus. Near the end I added a little balsamic vinegar.

Salt and pepper and consume!


mae said...

Oh, yum!!! Drooling over the photos. Incidentally, i cooked tiger prawns today too...

Hey, my Fiance is on his way out to go diving this afternoon and i hope he brings me home some scallops!

Nazca said...

Tiger prawns rule!

Sounds idyllic! I'll be round for supper!

Catesa said...