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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Hmm... I've chosen my first post and lat line which read "Of course fresh basil and parmegiano regiano to top." Catesa ofcourse picked on my spelling mistakes :-P

Basically I'm explaining the reasons why my girlfriend stopped letting me decide how we spiced up our sex life. Only kidding! I don't have a girlfriend, but if you're single and female and open to experimenation...

OK OK basically i just love these two ingredients, i always have some in the fridge. I'll use dried basil but stay very clear of boxed parmesan.

See, not a filthy comment in sight :-D


Mona said...

Bring on the filthy comments girl! haaa : )

Catesa said...

LOL Naz shes not technically your girlfriend but from everything you tell me she might as well be :)