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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I cooked some new potatoes yesterday to go with my steak. With those that didn't make it to my stomac... plate! I chilled them in the fridge. Tonight I dusted them in flour, patted off the excess, and deep fried them (which as we know is healthier than shallow frying).

They were glorious. Full of that new potatoey taste with added crunch :-)

[And before you think I'm starving myself, I had a little of my brother's sheperds' pie and a few anchovy stuffed olives :-)]


Catesa said...

healthier or not if you're going to fry dont be halfassed about it. deep fry or dont fry i always say.
no wonder i have to lose weight LOL

Nazca said...

Social pressures on women are a misery. Be happy with yourself I say, we all die sometime; being thin won't make you die happy will it? (find a happy medium)

Catesa said...

happy for me is 1) appealing to my vanity and lust for clothing. i cant keep spending money online for cute size 18's from America. shipping is so expensive!! :) 2) moving freely, i cant very well spend 7 hours walking through fabulous cheese markets in Gouda with these extra kilos, it hurts my feet in the high heels :)

i guess its all relative right, ive never cared about societal pressures i just want to like what i see in the mirror and move with the ease i used to.

you're such a good friend you know ;)