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Friday, October 14, 2005

Disappearing pizza

First of I made a sauce for the base (Ciabbatta sliced in half). The usual stuff, onion, garlic, chilli, white wine vinegar, can of tomatoes, dried oregano and basil, seasoning and a little paprika to thicken it a little.

I toasted the ciabatta, spread some of the sauce on and covered with buffalo mozzerella, cheddar and parmegianno regianno. Then put a few slices of pepperred salami on top and grilled them. unfortunately they disappeared within minutes, never to be seen again :-)


Catesa said...

m making pizza tonight too! avocado & onion...mmmm stinky. have a great evening ;)

Mona said...

Oh man, that sounds frickin awesome. I might have to go for a homemade sauce version myself soon!

Nazca said...

I forgot to mention I added a little sugar to sweeten the deal :-)